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October 4, 2018
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7 Non-Basic Outfits to Wear While Doing Your Favorite Basic Fall Activities

1. Apple picking


You’ll be on your feet for a few hours so make sure you wear a comfy pair of boots, and contrast it with a feminine dress. Now imagine this outfit with a basket of apples.


2. Baking a crisp from said apple picking


Those apples are going to be used ASAP. Channel your inner Ina Garten and bake in a fancy version of sweat pants and cozy socks.


3 .Going for a hayride



Your pants need to be durable since you’re literally sitting on hay, so go with a chic denim jumpsuit. Top it with a jacket that basically epitomizes fall.


4. Target run for blankets



Use your next Target run for as an excuse to experiment. Sure, you’ll stick out at the store amongst people re-upping on toilet paper, but leopard and bright green need to be explored in a safe place.

5. Sipping on Starbucks



This ‘gram is all about the upper half of your body, so layering and a cute hat is key. Don’t you think Starbucks green will look great against this neutral backdrop?

6. Scary movie marathon



Cuddle up with your S.O. to watch all the Nightmare series in a row, but slip into a silk jammies just in case things turn from scary to sexy.


7. Long walks and leaf gazing



Spend hours taking a long walk and checking out the freshly changed leaves in low-hell OTK boots and a fall-required flannel.