February 20, 2018

The essential guide to loosening tight shoes and making them more comfortable

Have you ever been overjoyed to find the perfect pair of shoes, only to be bitterly disappointed when they turn out to be too tight and almost impossible to walk in? Many of us have […]
February 19, 2018

Thigh-High Moon Boots Are Happening, and I Have No Words

First came thigh-high Ugg boots. Naturally, the Internet flipped out. And then, on Thursday night, Jeremy Scott sent thigh-high MOON BOOTS down the runway at his […]
February 15, 2018

Paris Jackson Updates the Canadian Tuxedo

As popular as jeans and jean jackets may be, the much maligned Canadian tuxedo gets a bad rap. But every so often, someone gets it right: […]
February 14, 2018

After Spending The Whole Weekend Painting I Came Up With These Shoes

I painted freehand this pair of shoes over the weekend and it took me 20 hours to finish them. They’re called PINK DRAGON. The first day […]