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Boy Kisses Flower Girl After Misunderstanding Photographer

Weddings are always memorable events in people’s lives no matter which culture they may be from.

With the occasion bringing two sets of families and friends together. It can definitely be a time and place to find some interesting characters who have a couple of antics up their sleeves.

A newlywed couple’s post-wedding photo shoot became a site to just one of these memorable antics, and we’ve got video proof to show for it.

Just a routine post-wedding shoot
In the viral video posted on Facebook by John Clegg, who was part of the wedding’s documentation team, we see what seems to be a routine post-ceremony shoot in front of a church.

The newlywed couple, Alfred and Jam, were at the center of the commotion surrounded by their wedding entourage.

On either side of the two are their respective bridesmaids and groomsmen. The women looked radiant in their brightly colored dresses, big smiles, and flower crowns. The men were likewise happy looking and dressed well for the occasion.

But despite being at the center of the scene, the bride and groom aren’t the stars of the video.

Just in front of them is a pair of children, a flower girl, and a boy, who seem like mini versions of the couple. In the background, we can hear the photographer instructing the group to take photos of the moment.

“Closer. Come on, a bit more compressed. Yes, like that. Closer,”

the photographer says to the entourage.

Fortunately, the group was very compliant and followed orders well.

Satisfied with the framing, the photographer then began counting to three to inform them that a photo would be taken. And in the last moment, he shouts for the bride and groom to kiss each other for the perfect wedding picture.


you can hear the photographer say out of frame.

Meanwhile, the two kids in front were also told to put their hands over their eyes in an attempt to comedically imply that they weren’t supposed to see older people kiss.

wedding photo

Then, we see the camera pan over revealing more people in the scene.

Once the pose was settled, the photographer began another countdown to let the group know that the photo was going to be taken and instructed the couple to kiss.

But to everyone’s surprise, the boy kisses flower girl moment happened when he kissed her on the lips instead of covering his eyes. Maybe he misinterpreted the instructions told them? The scene did look quite chaotic.

The surprising moment has been captured in screenshots of the viral Facebook video which currently has over two million views.

Seeing this, one of the bridesmaids immediately pulled the flower girl away while everyone had a good laugh about it.

We’re just hoping the two kids aren’t related. Imagine growing up and being teased about kissing your own cousin at a wedding! And there’s even video proof of it!