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Times Celebrity Outfits Were Hilariously Recreated By Former ‘Buffy’ Star Using Only Stuff He Found At Home

Tom Lenk, a famous actor, best known for his role as Andrew Wells on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and about his witty side. Since then the 41-year-old actor became even more creative when recreating fashionable outfits of fellow celebrities. Tom takes looks from various award shows, premieres, and photo shoots and uses them as “inspiration” for his own outfits using simple household items and stuff you can buy for a few dollars, and posts the hilarious results on Instagram.


Tom Lenk As Taylor Swift

Tom Lenk As Victoria Beckham

Tom Lenk As Nicole Kidman

Tom Lenk As Heidi Klum

Tom Lenk As Prince Goerge

Tom Lenk As Out Magazine Model

Tom Lenk As Kendal Jenner

Tom Lenk As Ariana Grande