August 8, 2017

How to Make Your Shoes Last Forever

Not all shoes are created equal. You can’t treat a canvas sneaker the same way you would a leather brogue. But each type needs the same […]
August 7, 2017

What to Wear With Every Shoe Color

Let’s be honest. No matter how many pairs of bright, statement-making heels you own, it’s the black pumps that we most often reach for to finish […]
August 4, 2017

Ways to Treat Your Feet Right

 They’re the workhorses of our bodies, but we give them so little respect. It’s easy to take our feet for granted. They’re just there, putting up […]
August 3, 2017

7 Pairs of Slides to Wear All Summerlong

When the temps are nearing 90 degrees, the last thing you want to do is shove your (probably swollen) feet into cloying sneakers — or worse, […]