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Pizza Delivery Guy Saves Kidnapped Woman’s Life

A pizza delivery man was hailed a hero after saving a kidnapped woman’s life. She was tied to a chair and was full of bruises. Goran was collecting his money from the drunk man who ordered the pizza, when he noticed the beaten up woman behind him. He did not hesitate and directly called the police when he left.

Goran saved a kidnapped woman’s life when he was delivering pizza’s.

When he wasn’t at school, Goran was delivering pizza’s on his scooter. With his money he went partying with his college friends. One day he was delivering a pizza. The man who opened the door was incredibly drunk. Goran collected his money when suddenly he saw a woman tied to a chair further down the hallway, she mouthed “help me, call the police”. Goran called the cops and saved Laura’s life. She had multiple broken ribs and a broken jaw. Her kidnapper was her ex-boyfriend Jake.

Laura tried to build a family with Jake, but could not get pregnant. He quickly became abusive.

Laura and Jake had been dating since high school. She set aside her dream of becoming a nurse for him. Instead of going to college, she looked for a job to start a family with Jake. But no matter how much they tried, Laura could not get pregnant. Jake became depressed and started drinking. They fought a lot and one day he came home drunk and started hitting her. That was his first violent act. Laura’s life became even worse when she lost her job.

After the police saved Laura, Jake was arrested for kidnapping.

She quickly found a new job as a server and rented a room not far from her work. When Jake was drinking at the bar, she took all her stuf and moved into the new apartment, without looking back. One day someone was knocking at her door, it was Jake, he found out where she lived. She tried to keep him out, but he hit her in the face and yelled: “Give me your money, you worthless peace of shit!”. He was drunk and tied her to a chair. Suddenly he was hungry and ordered a pizza and that’s how the pizza delivery driver saved Laura’s life. Laura kept in touch with Goran afterwards, she told a reporter she’s quite fond of him.