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The Clyde Court’s latest colorway is an ode to Miami’s Ocean Drive

Winter break is almost here, and Puma wants to make sure you’re ready for it the moment you land in warmer pastures. Actually, even if you’re staying in the cold, you may still wanna check these out.

Ever since the German brand jumped back into the shoe game this fall to kick off its return to the NBA, it’s been dropping some unique and interesting colorways. First, there was the bold red-tinted shoe, then Puma returned with a Halloween-themed look.

So, for its latest colorway, where does it go? How about down south, where we have Miami Vice vibes and South Beach colors.

Puma has dropped an Ocean Drive-inspired Clyde Court Disrupt shoe
Fittingly, it’s called the Clyde Court Ocean Drive, and it’s available now for $120 at Foot Locker and Eastbay.

What are the details?
Like the previous colorways, the Clyde Court Ocean Drive contains a translucent sole, but includes a hot pink glow that definitely adds some sauce from the previous versions. Some other small details include Puma’s logo on the tongue, as well as 1973 on the heel, which pays homage to the year New York Knicks legend Clyde Frazier started wearing the original Puma Clyde shoe.

The Clyde Court Ocean Drive is dropping in conjunction with Art Basel, which is an international art fair in Miami.

So, what’s your take on Puma’s latest pair of kicks? We’ll continue to track all the latest shoe releases and colorways during the NBA season.